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The standard thickness of our Chillers are 4mm.
The 3" Double Tap Chiller should fit your single tap tower. The only difference from the Single/Double is the size of the faucet window. If for some reason you do not like the look or the Chiller is not a good fit we will provide a full refund no questions asked!
the 3" triple tap Cooler should work perfect. It is 14" in length. If you have any issues with the fit, let us know and we will do our best to resolve the problem. Thanks for your interest in our products!
I measured the cover sides seam to seam and they measured 28 inches. You may have a problem with the the 30" side of your Kegerator fitting. My kegerator is 60" tall from the ground including my Bud Light tap handle which is ten or 12 inches long and the cover clears the ground by 3".
Hello, the spacing between the keg tap handle bolts is 3.5"
Thank you for your question! Each set includes three organic hemp cloth coffee filters. This is essential as they help to preserve natural coffee oils and balances the dripping rate. They are extremely easy to clean and re-usable.