Single Tap Keg Tower Insulator Custom (2.5" Diameter x 11.5" Height)

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2.5” Diameter x 11.5” Height

The Redwood Brew Supply Keg Tower Insulator is a durable Neoprene sleeve designed to reduce condensation and maintain a uniform temperature throughout your kegerator and beer tower. This eliminates foamy pours and improves the energy efficiency of your kegerator. It also gives your beer tower added protection from the elements and keeps it free of dirt, dust, and grime.

The Keg Tower Insulator Custom is shipped without a cutout for the faucet shank(s).  This allows you to cut the insulator for a perfect custom fit. Returns are not accepted if the insulator is already cut by the customer.

First choice Kegerator accessory for serious beer brewers

  • Uniform temperature eliminates foam
  • Prevents condensation damage
  • Increases kegerator efficiency and saves electricity

High Quality Material and Build

  • Double stitched 3.5 mm Neoprene

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